About Us high quality products at affordable prices

R’ Accessories is an American company selling a variety of accessories for men, women, and children. The company’s number one product is designer inspired, high quality, SEXY and affordable handbags. Other accessories include but is not limited to socks, gloves, scarfs, hats, jewelry, ties, and a variety of other products. 

The company was founded on a dream to offer quality purses that highlight sophistication without breaking the bank. A dream of seeing ladies from all walks of life have the opportunity to look and feel good about themselves at an affordable price.  As the dream became a reality, the business expanded to offer products to women, men and children. Now the company offers various accessories that everyone can use.

R’ Accessories products are guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. Whether you are stepping out into a formal setting, worship setting or casual setting, we have the accessories to enhance your outfit and to raise your esteem to the next level. Our accessories are guaranteed to capture attention and to turn all eyes on you!